Many people involved with PHAIR as editors, reviewers, and authors will likely have pro-animal sentiments, and this creates a risk for either explicit bias (e.g., pro-animal opinion pieces or discussion sections that take a pro-animal position that is not supported by evidence) or implicit blind spots (editorial bias in favor of scientific results that favor a pro-animal position). Editorial ombudspersons are one safeguard against this challenge. PHAIR ombudspersons are unaffiliated with this area of research, philosophically agnostic to veganism and related issues, and generally respected for their integrity and scientific credentials. Their sole responsibility is to review the journal regularly for instances of potential explicit or implicit bias, and produce brief reports summarizing their findings.

Eranda Jayawickreme, Wake Forest University (USA)
Daniel Leising, University of Dresden (Germany)
Kira O. McCabe, Carleton University (Canada)
Rebecca Shiner, Colgate College (USA)
Johannes Zimmermann, University of Kassel (Germany)